Interiors blog post for Supa Centa Moore Park

I recently had the great experience of visiting Supa Centa Moore Park and writing a piece for the Supa Centa blog about my top 3 picks for living rooms. I visited most stores in the complex, taking photos and choosing my favourite products, before styling a number of them in my own home. I'd love for you to head over and take a look.

Experience with media and technology companies and small business

I've just updated my Consulting page to reflect some of the great companies that I have had the pleasure to work with over the past twenty years. They range from very large multi-national organisations in media and technology, to local non-profits, small and micro-businesses. Each one has informed my knowledge of traditional and online marketing, client-side requirements, and working with a diverse set of people. Head to my Consulting page for more information on how I have worked in an employment capacity and as a consultant for these businesses.

SEED Landscape Design new website

I recently re-designed the SEED Landscape Design website using Squarespace, focusing on a modern scrolling design and reflecting SEED's branding as a contemporary landscape architecture firm. The site is responsive and puts all the key content front-and-centre on the homepage. Importantly, I have created a stronger call-to-action to make a booking.

Principal Paul Stein is very happy with his current clients' response to the new look, and has seen an increase in interest from new clients. I have been working with SEED for over a year on the site's branding, content, blogging and social media activities. For more information on my consulting services, click here.

Brands using Google+ Profile vs Business page

Google+ is improving! If you've tried the platform out over the last few years, you will see that there have been marked improvements to the newsfeed, to the way that pages are managed and to the search engine results you receive in Google for your + posts.

For small businesses, having a verified Google+ Business page is a must, as it gives your company a chance of ranking highly in the map results for your business category and location. And... your +post content may start ranking in searches for your Google+ followers. Both great reasons to set up a business page and post content regularly.

If you have a location-based business that provides a service, set up a Business page straight away so that you can start to receive reviews and benefit from placement on Google Maps.

But what if you have a brand that is not location-based, and you already have a Google+ page that you set up as your Profile page, with followers, and a lot of content already posted? Let's look at the differences:

My Profile page has my own name as well as my brand name for my business (blog). I have 174 followers and more than 13 million views of my content. There is a lot of personal information on the About page, and my Posts page has hundreds of entries.

I just created a Business page for my business (blog). The About section has far less personal information and allows me to provide more succinct information about my business. I have no followers and no posts. But, this seems like a cleaner and more professional page for my business.

According to the Google+ user forums expert Priya Chandra on 15th July 2015, there is no way to convert your Profile page into a Business page, or to merge a Profile page with a new Business page that you have set up.

Therefore, you are not able to transfer all the followers you have built up or all the content you have posted over onto your Business page.

You have a few choices:

1. Set up a new Business page for your brand/website/business (as I have done above) and start fresh. Post a status update on your Profile page that you are now using your Business page for updates. Post a status update on your Business page that you have created a new page and would appreciate all your followers to re-follow you here. Then re-follow all your followers using your new Business page (and hope that they re-follow your new Business page). Change all your Google+ links to your new Business page.


2. Keep using your Profile page for your brand/website. If you do not have a service or location-oriented business, you may not need the benefits that come with having a Business page (ie showing up in Maps). However, as you can see above, you will be showing more personal information on the About page.

Have you had this issue? How did you resolve it?

[Refer to this Google+ user forums thread.]

Adore Home magazine June 2015 contributor

I'm thrilled to have contributed to Adore Home magazine's June 2015 issue - the Bedroom edition. The magazine is packed with inspiring ideas for adults' and kids' bedrooms, as well as some great full house tours and shopping tips. I contributed my size favourite Australian-designed pieces for kids' rooms at the moment - mixing classic Australian-Scandi style with bright pops of colour.

You can read the piece and browse the full magazine here. Thanks Loni for having me!

Voices 2014 Top 40 Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

I was thrilled to be a finalist again in this year's Voices of 2014 award program - top 40 beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

The 6-month program included an excellent Masterclass, spending a day with fellow bloggers learning about the the latest in SEO, community, online marketing and social media from industry experts. Here's a sneaky pic of me with kids' blogging colleague Angela from KidStyleFile.

I was again selected to review a Ford vehicle and wrote a series of posts about the EcoSport that you can find here on Bondville.

Thanks Kidspot for the opportunity to participate again this year; looking forward to next year's activities.

Sydney Vivid Festival 2014 - guest speaker

In June 2014 I was a panelist for the Blog Society event "The Retreat: A Crash Course In The Creative Business Of Blogging" at Vivid Sydney's Festival of Ideas.

Speaking on the topic of monetizing your blog, I joined moderator Alice Nicholls from The Whole Daily, and panelists Petina Watkins from Etsy, Rachel MacDonald from In Spaces Between and Christina Butcher from Hair Romance. We all picked up lots of tips and contributed to the relatively new landscape of paid online media.