Blogging For Business workshops

9/13/2013 Steph Bond-Hutkin 0 Comments

This is a great quote from the Sensis Yellow Social Media Report, May 2013: "29% of small businesses and 24% of medium business that use social media have no strategy to drive traffic to their social media accounts."

With my experience in coaching small businesses in digital marketing and blogging, and my own blogging experience, I have put together a 2-hour workshop to help small and medium businesses understand the basics of blogging for business, whether it's for them, and how to get started.

Workshops are held in Beecroft, NSW where we break down the tech-speak into accessible information about using blogging to build your business. Groups are maximum five people.

A recent workshop included a jewellery designer, photographer, arborist, interior designer and patisserie owner, all with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

Some of the participants kindly shared their experience:

"There are so many online sessions and articles or ebooks I get spammed with lately for similar topics but I'm a bit old school - I love the warm and personalised sessions Steph gives, with lots of group discussion, and am relieved she speaks my kind of language rather than incomprehensible tech talk. Very valuable, definitely some things I can start using straight away to help my rankings and get more traffic to my new website!"
Carmen Platt, Another Love Story: Love is equal, photography is tailored, Sept 2013.

"Thank you Steph for such an enjoyable and informative workshop. I found your approach to technology truly refreshing and accessible." Vanessa, Creative Millieu, Sept 2013

Please contact me at if you are interested in attending our next workshop.