10 Ways To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Small Business

3/10/2012 Steph Bond-Hutkin 0 Comments

You've heard about Pinterest, and it's amazing growth and ability to drive traffic for brands. You might have even created an account and pinned a few images of your own. (watch out - it's addictive!). But it's another social media platform and getting your head around it seems like too much work.

If you need a quick, easy read on the basics of how Pinterest works, how to use it, and 10 steps to effectively promote your business, then this article - 10 Ways To Use Pinterest to Promote Your Small Business - is a must-read for you.

This article is particularly relevant for businesses selling products of interest to women and selling services in the creative industries (such as wedding planners, photographers, party and event stylists, architects, landscape designers, graphic designers, artists, crafters, fashion and kids product designers). Or maybe you have a blog or online magazine that you want to promote, or even your own personal brand.

Pinterest has amazing potential for engaging with exisiting and new customers, and deepening industry relationships.

Update 7/9/12: This article has now been retired. You can find a shortened version on the Bondville blog here.